Trainers Connect Colorado


Join our community of mental health trainers. Trainers Connect Colorado is a community-led group of mental health trainers certified in gatekeeper trainings (QPR, YMHFA, tMHFA, ASIST, and safeTALK) for youth-serving individuals & organizations. Register for access to:

Quarterly, virtual meetings to learn & share best practices, and develop & further training skills

Ongoing opportunities to connect with and support other Colorado mental health trainers

  • Course date: Quarterly on 2nd Tuesday of the month from noon – 1:30 PM MST; Beginning October 11, 2022
  • Audience: Credentialed Mental Health Trainers of QPR, YMHFA, tMHFA, ASIST, and safeTALK
  • Location: Via Zoom

302 spots open.


There is a two-part registration process. After your registration is complete, you will receive an invitation to the Trainers Connect Colorado hub hosted on MightyNetworks. Through the TCC hub, you can connect with other trainers, share your stories, experiences and ideas in order to improve delivery of community responsive, consistent, and collaborative youth mental health education in Colorado. This is also where our meeting invitations and recordings will be held.