About PCMH

Partners for Children’s Mental Health

Children and families throughout Colorado are struggling to get the mental health care they need. We know that change must happen. That’s why Partners for Children’s Mental Health (PCMH) was created.

Since the launch of PCMH in 2017, Colorado has moved from 48th in the country for access to youth mental health care to 42nd. Our goal is to be among the top 10.

Our Mission

Bring communities together to build a mental health system that better serves all children, youth, and families.

Our Vision

A future where all children and youth have the mental health care and support they need to thrive.

Creating change

Our Work to Create Change

PCMH operates as a cross-system resource, training, and implementation hub in order to ultimately increase capacity, access, and quality of youth mental health services in Colorado. Through collaboration with partners across the state, PCMH works to identify, scale, and sustain best practices that will help save lives and get mental health treatment to Colorado children.

Our Five Core Functions

Engagement & Collaboration

Developing key partnerships and a unified vision around children’s mental health.

Workforce Development

Connecting the workforce to impactful training and consultation to transform the way people work with youth.

Research and Evaluation

Analyzing data to inform practice and policy. Evaluating strengths and needs, implementation processes, and mental health outcomes.

Implementation Support

Providing consultation on program design, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based practices.

Policy and Finance

Influencing children’s mental health initiatives, policy, and legislation.