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PCMH works with Colorado legislators to help improve the mental health system. Join us in advocating for change!

If you’re passionate about improving mental health in Colorado, join the Child Health Champions, a grassroots advocacy network of people who care about kids’ health and wellbeing and want to make a difference.

Bills To Know

An Accountable Behavioral Health System

Senate Bill 19-195 was a bipartisan bill that moved forward a set of programs to better identify child and youth behavioral health needs early in life and tackle the challenges associated with a fragmented behavioral health care system. Due to COVID-19 budget impacts, the state was forced to eliminate funding from the bill’s implementation. Efforts are underway to restore this funding and restart implementation of this important bill.

Funding Status: Pending

Establish a Behavioral Health Administration

House Bill 21-1097 helps implement the recommendation of the Colorado Behavioral Health Task Force to create a single state agency for behavioral health programs. If implemented in a way that integrates Medicaid and the Division of Insurance, this Administration could improve access and quality of behavioral health care and ensure accountability across systems.

Bill Status: Under Consideration

Support for the Peer Support Workforce

House Bill 21-1021 authorizes the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing to reimburse through Medicaid for behavioral health and substance use disorder services provided by certain eligible peers. This could help expand the behavioral health workforce and recognizes the importance of the care provided by peers.

Bill Status: Under Consideration

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