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Bills To Know: 2022 Legislative Session

PCMH is working with Colorado legislators to help improve the children’s mental health system. Join us in advocating for change!


Transparency Out-of-home Placements Developmental Disabilities

Senate Bill 22-102 strengthens services provided to children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are in out-of-home placements. The bill helps inform gaps in the state’s continuum of care to ensure no kids are being sent out of state for treatment that should be provided in Colorado.

Bill Status: Signed by Governor


Behavioral Health Crisis Response System

House Bill 22-1214 strengthens Colorado’s crisis system by clarifying that crisis system facilities are required to provide services to youth of all ages, individuals under the influence of substances, and individuals with disabilities.

Bill Status: Passed House, Under Consideration in Senate

Promoting Crisis Services To Students

House Bill 22-1052 is a youth-driven bill that increases awareness of Colorado Crisis Services by requiring public schools to provide contact information for the services on every student ID. The bill also requires Colorado Crisis Services to inform schools about additional outreach materials that can be provided to schools upon request.

Bill Status: Under Consideration

School Security and School Behavioral Health Services Funding

House Bill 22-1243 increases access for youth to mental health services by continuing the I Matter program until June 30, 2024. The program was set to repeal this June. The bill also appropriates $2 million to increase access to behavioral health professionals in schools.

Status: Under Consideration

Access To Medically Necessary Services For Students

House Bill 22-1260 is targeted at increasing access to medically necessary services, including applied behavioral analysis, in school settings through reasonable accommodation requirements.

Status: Under Consideration

Behavioral Health Administration

House Bill 22-1278 creates the Behavioral Health Administration which will align state-funded mental health and substance use programs to reduce bureaucracy and fragmentation of services. If implemented well, the BHA can transform Colorado’s behavioral health system to be accountable, coordinated, cohesive, and effective.

Status: Under Consideration

Behavioral Health-care Continuum Gap Grant Program

House Bill 22-1281 appropriates $90 million for grants for non-profits, community-based organizations, and local governments to provide services to close gaps along the care continuum. $45M of the funding is specifically allocated for children, youth, and family services.

Status: Under Consideration

Youth And Family Behavioral Health Care

House Bill 22-1283 appropriates $54 million to strengthen the care continuum that supports children and youth with high acuity behavioral health needs. The bill expands the availability of respite care, provides operational support for residential treatment providers to provide higher quality services, and provides funds to build a new state-run facility for children and youth with neuron-psychiatric needs.

Status: Under Consideration

Behavioral Health-care Services For Children

Senate Bill 22-147 appropriates $11.1M to support programs that ensure children and youth can have their behavioral health needs met in schools and by their primary care providers. It funds a pediatric consultation program to support primary care providers and provides funding to increase school behavioral health professionals and school-based health centers.

Status: Under Consideration

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