Partners for Children’s Mental Health will be offering a training series for mental health professionals supporting students within the school environment.  This series will cover the modules and select skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, a therapeutic approach focused on building skills around mindfulness, stress management, and healthy relationships.  Particular recommendations will be offered for facilitating learning in individual/group environments and via telehealth.

Dates and Time:

  • Friday, April 17 ~ 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Friday, April 24 ~ 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Friday, May 1 ~ 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Friday, May 8 ~ 12:00 – 1:00 PM
  • Friday, May 15 ~ 12:00-1:00pm
  • Cost: $0
  • Intended Audience: Mental health professional supporting students within a school setting
  • Audience Cap: 30 participants (it will be a closed group, so no new participants will be added throughout the training series)

Once Enrolled you will be able to see the Zoom Meeting URL to join scheduled sessions.