9/19/23 Introduction to Providing Gender Affirming Care in Healthcare


Evidence strongly demonstrates that transgender and gender-diverse (TGD) people have unique healthcare needs. Unfortunately, TGD individuals often report barriers to healthcare that include lack of knowledgeable providers, long waits to see specialists, cost, discrimination, and privacy concerns. As a result, an average of 50% of TGD people delay needed medical care, compared with only 20% of cisgender individuals. Lack of access to gender-competent and knowledgeable providers is reportedly one of the biggest access issues reported to TGD individuals. This is a view that is shared by the TGD community and providers alike. One survey of internal medicine residents found that while 97% of respondents felt that understanding transgender medical care is valuable to their practice, only 45% had received any previous education in this area.

Date and time:

Sept 19th, 2023 12pm – 1pm MST

Location: Via Zoom


20 spots open.

This introductory training is designed to help professionals in healthcare spaces feel more comfortable engaging with transgender and gender-diverse clients. It will provide an overview of concepts and terminology related to gender diversity, as well as practical tools to make your practice, and practice space, more affirming for TGD youth.