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Association Between Discrimination Stress and Suicidality in Preadolescent Children

Youth suicide rates in the United States have been increasing in recent years, especially in Black Americans, the reasons for which are unclear. Environmental adversity is key in youth suicidality; hence there is a need to study stressors that have a disproportionate impact on Black youths. We aimed to disentangle the unique contribution of racial/ethnic discrimination from other adversities associated with childhood suicidal ideation and attempts (suicidality).

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authors: Stirling T ArgabrightElina Visoki, Tyler M MooreDallas T RyanGrace E DiDomenicoWanjikũ F M NjorogeJerome H TaylorSinan GuloksuzRuben C GurRaquel E GurTami D Benton Ran Barzilay


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