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Written by Dr. Paige Backlund Jarquín, training director at PCMH.

I grew up in South Boulder. My kids go to schools in that neighborhood. I have visited that King Soopers hundreds of times. After four decades, I still see people I recognize every time I go to that store. And although I do not personally know any of the innocent people taken by the tragic shooting this week, I am grieving with and for our community in Boulder. 

And I am ashamed. I am ashamed that we are having this conversation in Colorado, yet again.  We as a community, I mean every community, have a responsibility to stop the violence.

There is a lot to do and, for me in this moment, I think it starts with healing in the aftermath of this devastating event. In conversations with colleagues and friends, several resources have been shared with me to help children, parents, teachers, and other community members navigate this difficult time. This is not an exhaustive list – but it’s a starting point for anyone who may be looking for support. 

If you have come across other helpful resources, please leave them in the comments below! 

Resources for parents and schools 

Resources for the Boulder community

Crisis/help lines

Opportunities to take action

  • Donate to the Colorado Healing Fund, a nonprofit collecting resources to support immediate victims and their families

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